Frequently Asked Questions


What is the JustTryIt passport?

With JustTryIt – you can try 10 classes at 10 studios of your choice over 4 months for only $49


That works out to about $5 a class, and gives you 4 months to explore. Sweet right? Not only that, we’ve negotiated exclusive deals with our studio partners just for you, so you can sign up as a friend with benefits once you find your fit // Be sure to check out all our partner locations here.

How do I take a class with JustTryIt?

Easy, log into your account on and pick a new studio you’d like to try. Then, drop-in for your session with your 6-digit JustTryIt ID so you can sign in. Open sesame.


Be sure to check out the studio profile and guidelines for all the important info including what to bring, recommended times to drop-in, as well as their contact information.


*Our studios usually have extra space for drop-ins, but some studios have classes that tend to fill up. We recommend you contact the studio ahead of time to see if they have space in the class you’d like to take, then drop-in and try it out!

Can I use all ten classes at just one of the participating studios?

Good question, but no. The JustTryIt passport provides you with the opportunity to try one class at 10 different studios, over a 4 month period. You cannot use the passport more than once at the same location unless otherwise specified. This is ensure that you explore your options, and our studios are not overwhelmed by our clients.

Is the JustTryIt passport too good to be true?

No, no it is not.

Can I buy my passport today, and activate it at a later date?

Yes, definitely. you can do one of two things:


a) Purchase the passport as a gift for yourself and choose your activation date




b) Purchase the passport today, and just wait to log in for the first time on the day you wish to activate


*Your JustTryIt passport’s 4 month count-down to expiry will start the first time you log into your account

Are there any restrictions to where I can use my JustTryIt passport?

The JustTryIt passport can be used at any participating studios at the locations listed on our website. sometimes studios will have more than one location, but only specific locations will be associated with the passport. Please ensure you refer to your JustTryIt account and look at the specific studio profile when confirming a location.


The JustTryIt passport entitles you to attend the majority of regularly scheduled drop-in classes. Please check the studio’s online schedule for specifics, arrive early, and/or call in advance to ensure there is a spot available. Please ensure you refer to your JustTryIt account and the specific studio guidelines  when confirming a class.

Can I use the JustTryIt passport at a studio I have previously attended before I was a pass holder?

But of course! With the JustTryIt passport, you are entitled to one class at each participating studio, regardless of whether you have attended a class previously or not. If you have already attended the studio before, use your JustTryIt passport to try out a new class!

Some of JustTryIt’s studios already have promotions in place. Does my JustTryIt passport exclude me from those promotions?

Definitely not. The JustTryIt passport is separate from all promotions currently in place at our partner studios. Even if the studio has a first class free, your JustTryIt passport entitles you to an additional class! Get out there and explore.


Also, we offer exclusive promotions through our partner studios following your visit. Ask in studio for more details, or refer to your email post-workout.

Where can I sign up for the JustTryIt passport?

At this point, the JustTryIt passport can be purchased solely from our website.

Can I buy more than one JustTryIt passport?

Yes. You can easily purchase a JustTryIt passport for yourself and as a gift for others. that said, each individual pass holder is limited to one justryit passport per 4 month period. You can renew your passport for the next 4 months once it expires.

If I buy the JustTryIt passport as a gift for someone else, whose name do I order it under?

If you are purchasing a JustTryIt passport as a gift, you must register the passport in the pass holder’s name for it to be valid. be sure to include the correct name and valid email address of the end user as we will send activation instructions to them on the date specified by you.

My JustTryIt Account

Does my JustTryIt passport activate as soon as I buy it?

Not to worry, your passport will activate the first time you log-in to your account. You will need to log-in to get your 6-digit JustTryIt ID before you can start attending classes.

How do I activate my JustTryIt passport?

Please refer to the initial email sent to you after your purchase and follow the instructions – be sure to check your junk mail folder. You must log into your account and complete our online waiver in order to activate your JustTryIt passport. from there you can collect your 6-digit JustTryIt ID and start exploring!

What do I do if I forget my JustTryIt account password?

Please go to our website and click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link under ‘Login’ and follow the instructions.

How can I track what studios I have visited?

Your JustTryIt account will track what locations you have attended as soon as the studio signs you in, and will update this in real-time. You can access this information in your account.

Is there a way I can share feedback about my studio experiences?

Yes! Your feedback is very valuable to us and to the studios you attend. We will be reaching out to collect your feedback after you’ve attended classes so that we can make the JustTryIt experience even better.